Flask-Discord-Interactions is a Flask (or Quart) extension that lets you write Discord Slash Commands using a decorator syntax similar to Flask’s @app.route() or Discord.py’s @bot.command().

def ping(ctx):
    "Respond with a friendly 'pong'!"
    return "Pong!"


  • Define commands with a declarative syntax

  • Register commands with the Discord API

  • Add Discord commands to a Flask app

  • Handle webhook verification

  • Send followup messages with webhooks

  • Use async/await (with Quart)


pip3 install flask-discord-interactions


How is this different from discord-py-slash-command?

Discord.py and discord-py-slash-command use a bot user and a websocket to connect to Discord, just like a regular Discord bot. It’s a nice way to add support for slash commands to an existing Discord bot, or if you need to use a bot user to manage channels, reactions, etc.

However, for simple bots, using webhooks instead of websockets can let your bot scale better and use less resources. You can deploy a webhook-based bot behind a load balancer and scale it up or down as needed without needing to worry about sharding or dividing up guilds between the app processes.



The project is licensed under the MIT license.